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Maria Montessori School

Maria Montessori School

Koirengei, Imphal East District, Manipur, India

Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi

Chairman's Message

My dear students, the world today demands much more than academic excellence as a pre-requisite for one’s social survival and success. If there is anything that marks a successful person, it is his/her willingness to learn and adapt to change. The key to success lies in your own hands.
If you are keen, the door to knowledge will be wide open for you. You can grow up as a citizen of the human race, with a heart to overlook petty differences and a resolve to make the world a  better place to live in. You can gain wisdom to understand the lessons from life that need to be valued and realize those that are worthless to be discarded. Undeniably, you can develop your individuality in your present environment which will create you into the finest character you are capable of being. Therefore, be diligent. Be inquisitive. Be enlightened.
We wish our senior students every success in their examination and trust that next year will give them that happiness and success they truly deserve. Let those who can lead be such a leader that dedicates his/ her goal to help others seek the truth. Yet for those of us who wish to follow, be a loyal follower able to discriminate between who is worth following and who is not.
Finally, life is like a blank canvas waiting on you to fill it with the colours of the rainbow. Write your own story and follow your heart.
Dare to dream.

- Ajit Irom

School Mission Statement

"Adequate learning resources, including digital learning opportunities, will be arranged for students and teachers in order to ensure still better academic performances among the students and school schemes will be enhanced to facilitate women of the nearby community in providing meaningful education to their wards."

School Contact

Maria Montessori School

Koirengei, Manipur, India

Imphal East - 795002

Phone: +91-8974684656

Recent Photos

Our children’s remembrance and love are our joy and strength.
God be with every Marian!
~ Teachers
Investiture 2019
Felicitation Ceremony For Class X & Xii 2019
World Environment Day 2019, Celebration
33rd Annual Day 2018-19
11th School Week 2018-19, Day 5
11th School Week 2018-19, Day 4
Day 3