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Maria Montessori School

Maria Montessori School

Koirengei, Imphal East District, Manipur, India

Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi

Principal's Message

The aim and purpose of education is liberation from ignorance, liberation from bondage of any social evil. In Maria, every activity - daily or periodical - is planned and implemented with this aim and purpose in mind. We live in such time and place where the barriers of evils like Caste, Class, inequalities imposed by birth and other circumstances still have the power to instigate mobs to burn trains and human dwellings, abuse women and children without any qualm. It is more at such hour that those receiving education need to fully understand the role of education, especially in instilling respect for the Individual and in Nation Development. Thus, in Maria, the end of education is not simply acquiring some degrees in some Professional Courses. For  us, the end of education is enabling the students to give back to the society when it is their turn.
We teach our students to live for themselves and to live for others. We teach them to trust and respect their own selves which will culminate in respect for others. We teach them to be self-sufficient and at the same time to belong to a group. We teach them to know and value their roots, their culture, language and tradition. We groom them to be leaders and also imbibe in them the qualities of true and able followers.These ideals are supported by the themes and procedures of our School programmes and competitions and daily activities.
In Maria, we marvel at our students getting into premier institutes of the Country for higher education, be it Medical, Engineering, Architecture and the likes or the General Courses. We equally marvel at our students taking up the Physical and Health Education Courses after Class XII or going for Art and Music Courses. It is our effort to tap the aptitude and potential of our students and provide them necessary guidance and counselling towards attaining a goal. It is our effort to face the challenges and prepare our students to be able to adapt themselves to the ever changing time.
We consider it our bounden duty to take care of such small things in our own small ways trusting that our students can acquire the larger goal of education - that of becoming better human beings. Our prayer is that they prove themselves worthy of the social status their education will bless them with, that wherever they are they make a difference!

- Suchitra Devi Potsangbam

School Mission Statement

"Adequate learning resources, including digital learning opportunities, will be arranged for students and teachers in order to ensure still better academic performances among the students and school schemes will be enhanced to facilitate women of the nearby community in providing meaningful education to their wards."

School Contact

Maria Montessori School

Koirengei, Manipur, India

Imphal East - 795002

Phone: +91-8974684656

Recent Photos

Our children’s remembrance and love are our joy and strength.
God be with every Marian!
~ Teachers
Investiture 2019
Felicitation Ceremony For Class X & Xii 2019
World Environment Day 2019, Celebration
33rd Annual Day 2018-19
11th School Week 2018-19, Day 5
11th School Week 2018-19, Day 4
Day 3