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Maria Montessori School

Maria Montessori School

Koirengei, Imphal East District, Manipur, India

Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi


The School engages a qualified and trained Health Wellness Teacher as  a regular staff in order to help the students grow into fine human beings even as they prepare for excellence in their chosen field of studies in the future.

Student bus facilities are available. However, the prevalent routes cannot be altered to accomodate a student. Any student interested in availing this facility may submit an application to the Principal. Under no circumstances will any student be allowed to attend School by self-driven vehicles. Students once enrolled for availing bus service will not be allowed to withdraw till the end of the academic session, and bus fare is not refundable.

Medical Care

  • The School has as regular staff, qualified and experienced nurses and a well equipped infirmary. Cases of minor ailments are cared for in the School infirmary while cases requiring hospital care are referred to the nearest hospital. Parents are informed when a student enters the infirmary or is referred to a hospital.
  • A student suffering from an infectious disease shall not be permitted to return to the School until a qualified medical officer and the infirmary nurse both certify that the student is medically fit.
  • Once the parent/guardian takes away the student for further treatment,the School shall no longer be held liable.
  • Although the School takes due diligence towards the all round health of the students, the School cannot accept responsibility in case of an accident. This applies to all accidents which may occur in the Science Laboratories or in the games fields or anywhere else in the School Campus or during journeys to and from School.

The school provides the students a well furnished Library and Reading Room with over 14,500 books including reference, prescribed texts and fictions. 20 Monthly and Weekly Magazine are subscribed to along with 1 daily newspaper. A saparate References Section is also available exclusively for the teaching staff. In order to help the students cultivate the reading habit, Library periods are incorporated in the School class schedule from Classes I to XII.

Computer Education
Understanding the significance of knowing and using technology in the present world, the school introduces Computer education from Class III onwards. The Computer Laboratory is well-equipped with adequate number of computers for the students.

Games, Sports and Physical Education
Games and Sports are an integral part of the School Curriculum. 3 qualified Physical Education and Training (PET) Teachers take care of all such activities for the students in the School. PT and Games periods are alloted to classes Group I to XII.

Digital Teaching System
Digital Teaching System (DTS) is made available for all students from Class I to Class XII. This step was taken up in the session 2012-13 ensuring tha the students are also exposed to such modern teaching method.

Vocational Education
Following the guidelines and instruction from the CBSE, New Delhi, the School opened Vocational Courses in Classes IX and X from the session 2013-14.
Course opened - IT- 402(C)

School Clubs
The School has 10 clubs, viz, Eco club, Science Club, Literary Club, Health-Welness Club, Music Club, Art Club, Disaster Management Club, Horse Riding Club, Dance Club and Interact Club where the students are encouraged and monitored to participate and hone their skills under the guidance of a Teacher-in-charge for each club. Trained Personnel are engaged for the Horse Riding Club.

Telephone Calls
Telephone messages will not be received or sent by the students. No student will have access to the School telephone/teacher’s mobile phone unless under emergency circumstances which will be determined by the Principal.

Parents and Guardians can visit the school on all working days from 9:30 am. to 1:30 pm. However, a meeting with the Principal will be only from Monday to Friday in a week. A prior appointment is advised so that the purpose of the visit is served better.school timings

School Mission Statement

"Adequate learning resources, including digital learning opportunities, will be arranged for students and teachers in order to ensure still better academic performances among the students and school schemes will be enhanced to facilitate women of the nearby community in providing meaningful education to their wards."

School Contact

Maria Montessori School

Koirengei, Manipur, India

Imphal East - 795002

Phone: +91-8974684656

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Our children’s remembrance and love are our joy and strength.
God be with every Marian!
~ Teachers
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